buy it installed® button

Craftsman Republic® invented and owns the Buy It Installed® Button, a technology that allows Consumers to buy Products with installation with one click.

pre-funded workorders

Installations are funded up-front by Consumers which ensures Craftsmen receive funds quickly.


Completing all aspects of a Workorder on the Craftsman Republic® app is called “AutoClose.” The best way to ensure funds are released within a day is to AutoClose Workorders through the mobile app.

automated workorder management

Craftsman Republic® has created a simple and intuitive way to automate Workorder management. All Workorders are automatically managed, updated, and closed on the Craftsman Republic® app.


1. Provide company information

2. Complete required documentation

3. Select preferred payment method

4. Complete certifications

craftsman republic® app allows craftsman to:

View all designated Workorders

Upload required forms

Update all Workorders

Mark Workorders as ‘Complete’ once work is done